Lighter-than-air drone

Drones are part of the 6G world. University of Oulu demonstrates how lighter-than-air (LTA) drones will benefit from 6G edge computing resources for lighter weight and increased flight time.

LTA drones are a family of drones that offer a 10-times longer flight time compared to conventional drones which use a lot of the energy that they carry with them to make the drone fly.

In the future, we can use the 6G network to fly the LTA. Most of the information processing, the AI that is automating the flight of the LTA, is located on the network side, at the edge of the 6G network. This allows us to save energy and weight in the LTA structure.

In the demonstration we use a machine-vision camera which provides the location data for the LTA system. The information is then used to navigate in the indoor environment. Example of a use case is a system where LTAs monitor the quality of the infrastructure, such as a smart campus, 24/7.

Demo video of LTA drone by 6G Flagship, University of Oulu

This LTA Drone Demo is part of the 6G Demo Series showcasing 6G Flagship program’s 6G innovation.