Kajaani University of Applied Sciencies

The Smart Campus team at the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) takes part in the national Smart Campus program revolving especially around HPC (High-Performance Computing). The main focus of the project for KAMK is to maintain and develop the HPC services provided by the campus’ HPC infrastructure.

In 2018, CSC (IT Center for Science) gifted a Bullx B715 Supercomputer for KAMK University of Applied Sciences. The Supercomputer was originally piloted at CSC Data Center in Kajaani, back in 2014. At the time, Bull was one of the most energy-efficient supercomputer systems in the world with its direct-liquid cooled components. After planning the electrical design and cooling automation, the computer was assembled at KAMK Campus by KAMK’s Datacenter (DC) students.

In the year 2019, after physical assembling and deployment of the computer, the Bull Team moved forward to computing environment research and testing, which is still actively carried out today at the end of 2021.

The Smart Campus project enables expanding of the sensor network (KAMK-anturiverkko) which originally was created as a thesis by an ICT engineer student back in 2020. The purpose of the sensor network is to generate open data which can be utilized in the studies of data analytics at KAMK University of Applied Sciences. In the future, the plan is to make more efficient use of classroom and laboratory facilities through the collected data.


The Bull Team has piloted various High-Performance Computer orchestration environments, to automize computer deployment scaling and management, which help the Team to deploy customized computing environments for customers.

Currently, the services require personal discussions and customization, and they are not accessible by any portal.


Photo of Juha ”Hulis” Hauhia Juha ”Hulis” Hauhia Project Manager

HPC services, RDI developer

Photo of Kyösti Koskela Kyösti Koskela Team Lead at Clever Simulation Entertainment

VR/AR/3D Specialist

Photo of Ella Lukkari Ella Lukkari Media Assistant

Project communication, workshops