University of Oulu

Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (ITEE) and 6G Flagship program

The Smart Campus team at the University of Oulu (UOulu) coordinates the national Smart Campus program focusing especially on Industry-Academia collaboration, network building, research-based campus development and piloting of novel Smart Campus services. We also lead the sharing of open data and organize numerous open innovation activities jointly with our project partners.

As experts of 5G and 6G enabled solutions, our team members create novel business opportunities, which boost digitalization, and sustainability.

Our expertise is deeply rooted in 6G Flagship program’s trail-blazing work in the key strategic research areas of wireless connectivity, distributed computing, and services and applications where major scientific breakthroughs are sought by 2030. 6G Flagship’s global network of more than 1 000 research partners serves as a unique global platform for shared ideas and trials at an easy reach of Finnish-based companies.

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Experimental Environments

Collaborators can benefit from our world-class 5G Test Network and campus-wide IoT sensor infrastructure which is fast developing towards a 6G Test Network and the related expert support actions that we offer.


Photo of Timo Bräysy Timo Bräysy Postdoctoral Researcher

Sensor networks, open research data, platform building, expert support

Photo of Risto Jurva Risto Jurva Project Manager

Project coordination, network building, stakeholder collaboration

Photo of Hanna Saarela Hanna Saarela Development Manager

RDI actions, communications, platform building, open data