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Research and Development, Digitalisation

Centria’s Research and Development digitalisation team is working extensively on IT solutions. The team is involved in both national and international research and development projects, as well as in teaching and service activities. 

Our team has extensive RDI expertise in the fields of wireless networks and systems, positioning, cyber security and embedded systems. We also possess a strong know-how in working with industrial internet and intelligent traffic applications, as well as mobile networks – especially in testing mobile networks. We provide solutions for customer-based research issues within our projects, by producing pilots and demonstrations, which aim at enabling companies to develop their products and operations. 

The digitalisation team also produces applications and solutions as a paid service activity for companies that require temporary support in their product development. The programming experts within our team build applications or their elements to meet the customer needs. In addition, our experts also employ game technologies to create virtual and augmented reality content that companies may use as part of their product development or sales support, amongst others. 

The 5G test environment has been successfully used for demonstrating several testing tools, technologies, algorithms, systems and applications. Centria is a member of Finnish 5G Momentum ecosystem, a collaborative network aiming at making Finland the leader in 5G networks. 

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Photo of Heidi Kaartinen Heidi Kaartinen RDI specialist, project communications

Communications, design, publications

Photo of Kyösti Marjakangas Kyösti Marjakangas Researcher/Project manager

Management, education, software production

Photo of Vadym Yemelyanov Vadym Yemelyanov RDI specialist, IoT platform research and development

Mechanical engineering, simulation, software development, data analytics