South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences – XAMK – is an institute of higher education, which focuses on wellbeing, technology and creative industries. Our focus areas in RDI include Digital Economy, Forest, the Environment and Energy, Sustainable Wellbeing and Logistics and Seafaring.  

Digital Economy focus area researches and develops understanding, usage, preservation and safety of information as well as related innovations. Our experts develop, study, and apply game technologies concentrating on areas such as game programming, gamification, 3D graphics, virtual reality, and augmented reality. 

Annually, digital economy focus area cooperates with over 300 different organizations in research and development work regionally, nationally and internationally.  

The Smart Campus team in XAMK is focusing especially on Industry-Academia collaboration, network building, research-based campus development and piloting of novel Smart Campus services.  

XAMK is working on a technology pilot called VirRake, which enables creating a virtual digital twins of buildings. We also lead one of the RDI activities where the consortium will create a pool of university courses under the title “Future connectivity, business and solutions in verticals” to be offered jointly by the universities and universities of applied sciences.