Tampere University

Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences (ITC) 

The Smart Campus team at Tampere University (TAU) leads the pilot service development in built environments, public transportation services, marine industry safety training and chemical industry IoT services. In addition, Tampere University supports all other activities in the consortium.

From TAU, the participating experts come from the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences (ITC), which brings together tradition and expertise in the humanities, natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, and theatre and drama. In Smart Campus, ITC is supported by TAU digitalization development team. 

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Test Environments

The faculty hosts and co-hosts several research infrastructures for e.g. future wireless communication networks (FUWIRI, jointly with University of Oulu), human-computer interaction, immersive visual technologies and remote presence.


ITC currently offers a variety of research services to the industry and 3rd parties, for example in advanced visualizations and mixed reality.

Currently, the services almost always require personal discussions and customization, and they are not accessible remotely. However, the development work has begun to enable easier access, and Smart Campus activities lead the way.


Photo of Juhani Linna Juhani Linna Project Manager
Photo of Markku Turunen Markku Turunen Professor, Tampere University leader, WP3 leader

Human-technology interaction, software, UX, design