Take the Smart Campus survey for companies

The new Smart Campus programme will lead Finland towards the era of 6G mobile networks and the 2030s, boosting companies’ competitiveness and facilitating technology adoption. Smart Campus is a joint effort of eight Finnish universities and Academy of Finland funds the programme.

We are now collecting feedback from Finnish-based companies with an online survey focusing on digitalisation and evolving practices in working life.

We explore the state of digitalization; skills and capabilities related to data and digital environments; developed and evolving practices; and new knowledge needs identified in companies in the course of digitalization. The survey also includes a separate section on communication and knowledge sharing in the work community.

With digitalization, we refer to changes in practices or processes via the use of digital tools. Thus, digitalization builds on improved practices in addition to technology adoption and software acquisitions. The choices and decisions that drive the change form the digital strategy of the company.

Because the impacts of digitalization on working life and education are diverse and wide-ranging, we need more research-based knowledge on its impacts on the operation of companies. We will use the results of the survey in the research, development and innovation (RDI) within Smart Campus Programme. The responses are especially valuable as we develop new processes and solutions.

You can answer the survey in Finnish or English at https://link.webropolsurveys.com/S/FCA55C3258FCEB1F. The estimated time for completing the survey is 15 minutes. Please note that all the survey cannot be revisited and therefore should be finalised in one go.

More information:

Dr. Sanna Brauer, sanna.brauer@oamk.fi

Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Professional Teacher Education