Workshop on Impact Assessment of the Smart Campus ecosystem

Call to participate!

We warmly welcome you to attend the WP 5 workshop on the impact assessment of the Smart Campus ecosystem, organized by LUT University, Finland, which starts at 9.00 am Finnish time, and ends at 4.00 pm (Friday, August 12th, 2022). This will happen in a hybrid format.

This workshop study will consist of  

  • Presentation by WP 5 team of LUT University (mostly on impact assessment tools) 
  • Discussion based on the presentation 
  • A participatory study by LUT University based on pilot RDI services 


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Online link to attend

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Physical environments:

LUT Conference room: 7630

Please be informed that this event will be recorded, and the data from your inputs will be used for research purposes.

Why will you participate

If you would like to explore more about smart services and their stakeholders, and how to evaluate and are passionate about digital services sustainability and want to make your opinion heard; this workshop is the perfect fit for you!

The workshop is designed to present and measure the impact assessment of the Smart Campus ecosystem. This includes the four pilot services (Digital Twins for Built Environments, Open Public Transportation Service, Virtual Safety Training in Maritime Sector, Internet of Things (IoT) in Chemical Industry). We will brainstorm the sustainability impacts with all the participants by applying participatory approaches.

During the workshop, we will  

  • present our impact assessment tools (such as utilizing SusAF for potential sustainability impacts awareness) and empathize consortium partners´ view about the impact of the entire Smart Campus ecosystem.   
  • draw a conclusion on how participants can apply these impact assessment tools to the pilot services, based on the feedback received from them.  

Together with experts from academia and industry, you are going to inspire, ideate and share your knowledge and thoughts to create a solid basis for you. As examples,  

  • you will have the opportunity to learn about impact assessment tools such as SusAF, how it works, and can be applied in a service like yours, 
  • exploring more about how the digital services can be evaluated by focusing four pilot RDI services of the smart campus project as a participatory study, 
  • future development of the services by focusing on the key findings from the participatory study, and  
  • a chance to engage and involve as the relevant stakeholders in the smart campus project.  

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